This is also about the use of deictics (like in Them or Us). And about quotation marks. The Institut Montaigne, a French think tank, announces a conference to be held on Wednesday November 21 at AXA‘s conference center in Paris. The announcement and program is available here. The title of the conference is interesting. It reads “ISF, compétitivité, opportunités: comment faire revenir nos émigrés”, which can be translated as “Taxes on wealth, competition, opportunities: how can we call our emigrants back”. But “emigrants” comes with quotation marks. The ISF (Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune) is a solidarity tax on wealth that applies to the very rich (that is, something that the right is struggling against). These “emigrants”, which are here referred to as “ours”, are thus the fortunate expatriates that sadly leave their homeland fiscal residency (France, incidentally, in this case) in order to avoid cumbersome and annoying things that prevent them from optimizing their money in the benefit of “us” all. Oh, and that’s probably why they are “ours”! Not like the other ones, though. So, let’s get them back! Very funny.


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