DNA as a Rattle

Maître Eolas (already presented in One Darkest Page) makes here a couple of relevant clarifications about the controversial French law on immigration control, integration and asylum that was just passed after a few amendments (see also Them or Us and Some of Them). At the center of a heated debate on the law was a controversial measure: testing the genetic integrity of family members seeking to join an immigrant parent. But that apparently prevented parliamentary opposition from spotting some other nasty things going on there. Much nastier, according to Eolas. DNA was just a baby rattle.

An asylum seeker just willingly bumping into police control at the airport can now be retained into the “waiting zone” for four days, straight. This detention conditions, Eolas observes, would hardly apply to a baby killer or a mafia gangster. The thing is that if you claim asylum, you need to fill a request at the OFRA, but before you need to enter effectively the national territory. So administrative police is in charge of deciding if you’re allowed or not to make an asylum request. Until recently, administrative police could easily turn the seeker out, without the cumbersome intervention of a judge. But France got the great honor of having the European Court of Human Rights condemning this sort of things in April 2007 (the government said that they do indeed wait for a judge to say something before putting people in planes, but that’s a lie according to Eolas, which is a lawyer and has seen many planes passing). So the French revenge against human rights is now, for instance, a short enough 48h time lapse in which the seeker is supposed to get a lawyer to fill a motivated complain, in proper French, against the police decision.

So, yes, it seems that administrative police is free and able to pass the new French message.


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