Yamaha is going to purchase all shares of Bösendorfer. Of course, this does not mean that the legendary piano is going to disappear or anything. There are all sorts of commitments. For instance, it is Yamaha’s intention to continue to manufacture at the Bösendorfer facilities in Austria. And there are more commitments.

There is for example a piece from the MIT Sloan Management Review (also available from the Harvard Business School Cases) that says that Yamaha does something called “collective customer commitment”. Thanks to this commitment, the active feedback of a community of lazy users was seriously and profitably taken into account by Yamaha in order to develop and launch an innovative electronic guitar that automatically tells you where to press the fingers. They might immediately improve this technology so you could be electronically enabled to play this on the Clavinova, maybe.


  1. The company that sells the Red camera did something very similar. Customers had to pay in advance for a camera that was still in the production stage… and being made by a brand new company without any previous products or track record. Despite this, excitement about the camera and its potential reached quasi-mythical internet status amongst indies looking for a real digital alternative to film. The company have now launched the camera, movies are being made with it and it has gained an important niche for itself in the industry. All this was achieved without paying a cent in advertising (well nearly).

  2. caseros,

    The best would be a camera that tells you what to shoot.

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