Warning: when you take a flight from Paris to Casablanca, you may have the chance to sample some exquisite French administrative prose. Immigration cops gave this official leaflet to a passenger at the boarding gate:

“Sir, Madam,

You may have been asked to express opposition to the boarding in your same flight of a person who is in the process of being expelled out of the French territory on the bases of a legal decision. The following information is therefore brought to your attention. The decision of expulsion is a legitimate act. Any attempt at impeding or hampering the departure of the flight or at promoting protest among other passengers is a crime that will be punished by the law. Punishment is of five-years imprisonment and a 18,000 euros fee. Moreover, outrage and rebellion can translate into further prosecution, with penalties of six-months imprisonment and a 7,500 euros fee. If such crimes are committed in collective reunion, penalties are of one-year imprisonment and a 15,000 euros fee.” (from “Vol Paris-Casa du 27/02/2008”, Indymedia Paris Île-de-France, February 28 2008)

Quite terrorizing, isn’t it? Well, apparently some passengers of that flight thought it was still ok to say something before taking off when they started hearing someone screaming in the back of the plane, anyway. Seventeen CRS (French riot control forces) were sent into the plane to arrest some. According to the witness, the remaining passengers were, in effect, terrorized. Mission accomplished.


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