Water is not good around the Tricastin nuclear power site in France since early July’s uranium leak (see “Uranium leak in southern France”, International Herald Tribune, July 8 2008). The concentration of uranium is now getting close to normal. But some bizarre stuff is still going on. Unusual concentrations have been detected in some spots. Of course, this radiation could be of a natural origin. But in this information folder from the CRIIRAD (Commission de Recherche et d’Information Indépendantes sur la Radioactivité, a French independent agency for research and information on radioactivity) you can see a map of the little mound where some military-oriented material was dumped some while ago, and is still waiting to be cleaned out by Areva (read “De l’uranium militaire incriminé au Tricastin”, Le Monde, July 16 2008). As usual, a reminder helps in the fight against nuclear waste cynicism.


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