Good on Transparency

Here’s a good one on transparency:

“If each time we actually are transparent we get such fearful reactions, then we’ve got a problem.” (Anne Lauvergeon, Areva‘s CEO, speaking at a press conference after Tricastin’s nuclear leak, reported in “Réactions en chaîne après l’incident du Tricastin”, Libération, July 19 2008)

And here’s this blog’s humble contribution to Lauvergeon’s problem (another one here): if you are planning to spend some holidays in France this summer, make sure you search the “Avis d’incident significatif” section in this nuclear security log first (and get yourself a geiger counter).


  1. il napolitano

    meno male che in Burma non c’avrete bisogno di medizione geiger. Buona purificazione.

  2. napolitano,

    The portable geiger counter is tomorrow’s best companion for rides in all parts of the planet. Buy it now.

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