Conservatives Who Can’t Take it Anymore

John K. Galbraith famously argued that in the United States the only respectable form of socialism is socialism for the rich. In today’s Washington Post, über-conservative George Will finds the latest series of “bail-outs” insufferable (“‘Socialism’? It’s Already Here”) and calls conservatives to confess their complicity and repent:

“In America, socialism is un-American. Instead, Americans merely do rent-seeking — bending government for the benefit of private factions. The difference is in degree, including the degree of candor. The rehabilitation of conservatism cannot begin until conservatives are candid about their complicity in what government has become.”

Here maybe the traditional Trotskyte notion of a “degenerated workers’ state” would be more appropriate — this was how Trotsky described the Soviet Union under Stalin: a country where the means of production have been nationalized but the working class has not managed to hold on to political power.


  1. foamsociety,

    The concept of “degenerated workers’ state” is most welcome (working solely on the bases of Mao’s notion of “internal contradiction” is boring).

  2. panik

    One got the feeling from reading Marx that he always assumed that the USA had a much greater probability of attaining socialism than pre-industrial Russia.

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