Do It Yourself

Useful: in the last issue of the London Review of Books, there are some really good tips on how to start a hedge fund.


  1. foamsociety

    Why do we only get this sort of do-it-yourself tips when the hedge fund industry is collapsing? I would like to have known 5 years ago!

  2. panik

    Great article – as always – by MacKenzie. Finally someone has bothered to show how the mechanics of agressive trading strategies and shorting actually work and why the role of the prime brokers is central.

    The Madoff scandal breaking this weekend [] may, however, suggest that this analysis is crediting all these operations with much more powerful and thought-through calculative ability than they appear to employ in practice.

    BTW, we were led to believe in a previous post that Santander had managed to avoid suffering from this financial crisis because the bank did not invest in instruments it did not understand. Now we read that “Spanish bank Santander announced last night that it had exposure to Madoff Securities of €2.33bn (£2.1bn), of which €2.01bn was invested for institutions and private banking clients outside Spain, through an Ireland-registered subsidiary of its Optimal fund”.

  3. panik,

    As far as finance is concerned, this blog’s clients should know that they benefit from a fully-guaranteed exposure to the principle of internal contradiction. Santander is just perfect.

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