The Mastery of Contradiction

Christophe de Margerie, CEO of Total, expresses the following opinion on today’s strikes in France:

“It’s a big sign that people don’t know where they are, they don’t know what they want. […] They are lost.” (from “Strikers protest French economic strategy”, International Herald Tribune, March 19 2009)

It is very sad that people are lost. It is much better not to be lost. Total is not lost, and this is very good. The lost people are actually very jealous about Total not being lost, and are consequently angry about Total:

“Many people are angry that big companies like the oil giant Total is making staff redundant while simultaneously announcing record profits, the BBC’s Emma Jane Kirby in Paris says.” (from “New nationwide strike hits France”, BBC News, March 19 2009)

But this is wrong. The reason why this anger is wrong is that it exposes a lack in the mastery of contradiction. Instead, these people should examine the contradictory aspects present in all things, and thus learn from Total.

Did Christophe de Margerie study Mao during his B-School years, or what?


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