A Statistical Country

Attention. Attention. French sociologist of science discovers that America is a statistical invention.


  1. emmanuel didier

    Mouais, half funny. That’s not the point, not even the general argument. Here is a quite fair presentation – in french – of the book.


    You could read the book – at least a little – I am sure you would make funnier jokes.


  2. emmanuel,

    Sorry, this blog has been proven right in the entirety of its claims (including the non-informed).

  3. emmanuel didier

    Sorry, I did’nt know you got the so much disered, so rare, “pontifical infallibility” label.

    But, allow me to insist, it’s not only about truth, it’s also about fun ! You could do much funnier jokes ; and knowing how funny you can be (I am serious here, not ironic) I regret that I can’t read some funnier “chistes” from you.


  4. Well, yes. It’s not funny. And it doesn’t sell either. But it’s going to remain up there forever, like the Pyramid Texts. Too bad. Let’s hope that historians of the future will be able to contextualize.

  5. foamsociety

    I think it’s cool that the most heated exchange on this blog has been prompted by a book on the history of statistics and the American New Deal. Look forward to reading it.

  6. Jaakko Leskinen

    I am too looking forward to read it, having read his Emmanuel’s dissertation. It was very good.

    I’m glad that you finally got it puslished, Emmanuel!

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