Bright Young Wild Things

For those who follow economists in their world-making activities, this roster of brilliant economists in The Economist provides some ancillary relevance. It says that

[…] today’s economists show no great attachment to the rational model of behaviour that guided Mr Becker. Economic theory has become so eclectic that ingenious researchers can usually cook up a plausible model to explain whatever empirical results they find interesting. Economics is now defined neither by its subject matter nor by its method.

It also seems that the stories economists tell about the world are becoming ever more interesting politically. Take the new economics of unemployment: bigger, longer subsidies may in fact be better than pushing the unemployed to get a job, any job, as soon as possible. Pay people to find good jobs vs get those lazy bastards to work now. In social sciences, all the cognitive handiwork is propped up by a moral tale. But hey, that’s the way we are made to be.


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