Transparency Morals

How does one control a US Republican Senator, or any other political entity, for that matter? An economic way is to make him, her or it transparent, and thus amenable to discipline. Take the American Conservative Union ratings: one can find out that Senators Inhofe, Coburn or Barrasso vie for the most conservative record in their voting. With a lifetime score of almost 90, Lindsey Graham might have felt reasonably secure. You wanna mess with me and call me a RINO (Republican In Name Only), check my ACU rating, pal. But then he struck a framework agreement with John Kerry on global warming and clean energy, and Harry Kimball, RINO HUNTer, just flushed him down the toilet. So much for the abstract, carefully constructed, boring transparency provided by ACU, to be replaced, says good old Harry, by a “committee of  folks who are working on researching the incumbents”, and create a “definitive list of RINOs”.

So, in the end, as with all transparency matters, the question is who do you trust? Surely, a committee of folks, morally akin to me, beats hard-to-decipher numbers… One can only think so much about these political things before yelling politically…


  1. Very good point. And oh, yes. A truly splendid paper that should be advertised thoroughly.

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