The Age of Innocence

The naïve environmentally-minded sociologist said: “in the end, your pyramid of derivatives is tied to things like pig manure and oil in the Arctic”.
The seasoned, self-assured Hayekian economist replied: “We don’t deal in physical reality anymore. Actually, we do not need it anymore”.
DerivArt pre-exhibition debate, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, june 2006.


  1. Poor little thing (the economist).

  2. panik

    Reply from an (American) hedge fund trader sitting next to me at a public lecture at the LSE, when he asked me what my research was on and I told him it was on the development of a system for the cross-border settlement of securities trades between the London, Dublin, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam exchanges.

    “I don’t care about the plumbing, as long as water comes out when I turn the faucet”

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