Commentary Spotted

In the midst of all commentaries on the current state of nucleocracy, this one was just spotted and quoted here for the sake of debate:

“Science, as a method of experimenting, researching and testing aspects of reality, and its application to the question of producing energy, has to be realised by the masses of individuals in a social revolution that destroys the capitalist aims and function of science as we have known it. As part of that project we must dismantle nuclear power at the same time as re-organise our energy needs so as to express the global desires of a community without the State (without which nuclear power could never develop) and without money and the world market (without which nuclear power would never have been chosen as a method of warfare or energy production). This is something the George Monbiots and the nuclear lobbyists of the world have no understanding of whatsoever.” (Comment by TonyPancake, 27 March 2011, to Robin McKie,  “Chernobyl 25 years on: a poisoned landscape”, The Guardian, 27 March 2011.)

A bit of an exaggeration, though. But it starts pretty well.


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