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Lost gem from the old days, now found online.


Quick Summer Report

Yesterday evening, members of the Test Society saw and heard Laurie Anderson making fun of the invasion of cupcake shops in New York City and of the transformation of ideas into clever arm movements in front of a microphone. She is right.

“The Third Floor: Free Speech Zone” is an exhibition curated by Arteco in collaboration with the International University College Student Association in Turin. Recommended.


Plug: blog readers in Madrid might want to pop up at Tom Skipp‘s exhibition at Espacio Menosuno (vernissage tomorrow).

Chinese Master Ai Weiwei did it twice.

First, in a demonstration of genuinely atmospheric craft (in very much the sense put forward by Peter Sloterdijk), he turned the Tate Modern Turbine Hall into the unintended enactment of the Great Western Fear of the Malevolent Asian Intoxication (hand-painted porcelain sunflower seeds crashed by visitors, now turned into suspected dust). Now, some of the seeds pop up in auction venues at record prices: a unique performance of the Great Financial Fixation with the Demons of Speculative China.The full story can be traced through “The Saga Continues with ‘Sunflower Seeds'” (The Wall Street Journal, January 26 2011).

The Test Society bows before the Master.

Spool Found

At the movies: Tom Skipp‘s best shooting of Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape to be screened in Madrid on January 21, at the Escuela de Letras.

At the risk of turning this into another blog on musical experiments — just to keep track of places were members of the Test Society have been seen: some were here in May 2010 listening to the magical tunes of a John Zorn played by Sylvie Courvoisier and Mark Feldman (white magic was followed by the black magic of John Zorn, Trevor Dunn and Joey Baron getting this unprecedented thing done over a Wallace Berman piece). For the record.

Truly amazing sounds were heard yesterday night at Le Triton: Sophia Domancich, Joëlle Léandre, Emmanuelle Ophèle and Eric-Maria Couturier together.

Agents of the Test Society were seen last Wednesday at Anar in Shanghai listening to the amazing tunes of Yabaso, an encyclopedia of the throat (listen to this and this).

Update: also seen at the Yuyintang listening to the totally convincing tunes of Boojii and Duck Fight Goose (more here).

Compare this great classic from Trevor Pinch with this.