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Greek Test

According to The Guardian, these are the conditions that Syriza, the alternative (non orthodox communist) left party that has finally smashed the post-dictatorship political party system in Greece, is setting for parties that want to be part of a possible coalition. The recent elections saw the combined share of the vote of the socialists (PASOK) and the conservatives (New Democracy) that have dominated the poitical system since the mid-7os, fall from 80% to around 30%.

1) The immediate cancellation of all impending measures that will impoverish Greeks further, such as cuts to pensions and salaries.

2) The immediate cancellation of all impending measures that undermine fundamental workers’ rights, such as the abolition of collective labor agreements.

3) The immediate abolition of a law granting MPs immunity from prosecution, reform of the electoral law and a general overhaul of the political system. According to Keep Talking Greece, that would include abolishing the 50-seat bonus for the party which wins the most seats.

4) An investigation into Greek banks, and the immediate publication of the audit performed on the Greek banking sector by BlackRock.

5) The setting up of an international auditing committee to investigate the causes of Greece’s public deficit, with a moratorium on all debt servicing until the findings of the audit are published.

Can the EU really reject such a call and still pose as a ‘club of democracies’?

Can any of the other parties reject these conditions and have any hope in any resulting general election if  a government cannot be formed?

It will also be interesting to see how much of the deficit was due to money flowing back to the ‘core’ EU economies and not into the pockets of the ‘lazy Greeks’.

Who would have thought 10 years ago that the alternative non communist left anywhere in the world would ever be in a position to pose such a ‘test of explication’ that would have markets all around the world going into a dive a few minutes after its announcement!

With the markets reacting like that, is Merkel really ready to take the test and see what will happen if she lets Greece go to the wall?


Hugo Chávez just triggered some alarm when he announced there will be no Venezuelan oil for European countries using the newly adopted European Union migration directive that says that immigrants considered as illegal can be jailed for up to eighteen months and face a re-entry ban of up to five years. European leaders are saying he just misunderstood the thing:

“Spain’s prime minister said Madrid was prepared to explain the new law “so that the EU’s relationship with all Latin American countries remains positive.” “Maybe we need to explain exactly to the president of Venezuela what this directive (EU law) consists of,” Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said at a two-day EU summit. “There have been many interpretations of this directive… that have nothing to do with what it really is,” he said.” (from “EU says Chavez misunderstood migration law”, Reuters, June 20 2008)

It’s a misunderstanding. Ok. So a little good explanation will do. Explanations are always great:

“Zapatero referred to Chávez’s words at the European Council in Brussels. “We will for sure provide an explanation,” said Zapatero, who has heard “many interpretations” of the law approved by the EU Parliament. “It might be appropriate to explain to Venezuela’s President the meaning of this directive,” because “we hear sometimes interpretations that have not much to do with reality,” said Zapatero.” (from “España explicará la directiva europea sobre inmigración a los países latinoamericanos”, El País, June 20 2008)

Super. There is nothing like a good little explanation. Agreed. But why don’t you guys give that fancy explanation straight away?

Let us guess. And, meanwhile, we will spend some time wondering about this an other new cool ways of using oil.