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More than twenty years after France’s terrorist attack on the Rainbow Warrior, the French national nuclear intelligence bunch seems to be as alert as ever:

“Two senior executives at French state energy giant Electricité de France (EDF) have been charged on suspicion of spying on Greenpeace, a judicial official said Tuesday. EDF security chiefs Pierre François and Pierre Durieux are charged with conspiring to hack into computer systems including at the environmental group, the official said, confirming a report on the Mediapart website. A computer expert is also charged in the case along with Thierry Lorho, the head of private detective firm Kargus Consultant, and a third unnamed person, the official said. Both executives deny knowingly hacking into a computer system, but the computer expert has admitted the charge, the judicial official said. EDF confirmed on Tuesday that an investigation had been opened for “fraudulent intrusion into computer systems” and that a search had been carried out on its premises. But the energy giant said it was a victim of the detective firm Kargus, and that it had registered as a civil plaintiff in the case, a spokesman told AFP. A source close to the investigation told AFP that Kargus had signed a contract to provide unspecified “services” for EDF.” (from “EDF bosses probed for spying on Greenpeace”, AFP, March 31 2009)

Well, no hard feelings. There were no bombs this time, after all.